[Homeroast] Summertime Acidity

mary deem catechumenes at gmail.com
Fri May 21 11:19:15 CDT 2010

How serendipitous, I just happened to post about this very subject on
another forum!

Like yourself, I find myself craving dense coffees with chocolate, dark
fruits, and spices during the winter.  Chocolaty Centrals and Wine soaked
dark fruited Africans are my favorite during winter.  I also seem drawn to
Indonesian coffees wtih earth, hummus, and smoke flavors as well.

During the summer I crave South American Columbians with lots of white
fruits like golden raisins, peaches, apricots and so forth.  Lately I have
been drinking a series of fruity Columbian Tolimas from Sweet Marias like
the Merediano Microlot and the Florestales - Maximinio Gutierrez.

The only summer blend I have done was a 1:4 blend of Colombia Tolima
Merediano and Colombia Tolima Florestales Maximinio Gutierrez.  Both coffees
had very similar fruit profiles (golden raisins, apples, peaches) but the
Merediano bought a nice slightly tart hazelnut note underscored the
Florestale's faint tart appleskin notes.  I simply did this blend to use up
the  last of my Merediano roast...glad I did since it was a nice combo.  I
brewed it in a moka pot and drank as a café au lait (but with less milk than

Interesting subject...look forward to hearing everyone's elses experiences!


On Fri, May 21, 2010 at 1:59 AM, Edward Bourgeois <edbourgeois at gmail.com>wrote:

> During the winter I crave thick rich chocolates, dark fruits with
> hints of spice. I tend to prefer more acidic lemon,orange, florals and
> clean coffees/lighter roasts during the summer. Both in brewed and
> shots. Kenyan and sweet new Centrals are my standards But will add
> others that have some nice clean zing. Do others of you have seasonal
> coffee crave changes?  Any thoughts of summer blends or SOs  for
> brewed or shots??
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