[Homeroast] blend with robustas

miKe mcKoffee mcKona at comcast.net
Thu May 20 21:20:03 CDT 2010

Amazing, 4:2:4 India Robusta AB Cherry: Monsooned Malabar AA: Brazil
Moreninha Formosa, 15min post roast, 25min grind rest and pull. Didn't kill
me! Actually quite decent for a Dark Northern Italian high octane blend,
even ridiculously young. Final test pull before setting aside to let it rest
14g slope walled ridgeless basket fine grind dosed ~17.5g, 198f, 2oz, 35sec.
Test batch CCR HT two batch mélange roasted post roast blended: 6.4:1.6oz
Robusta:MM French 475f 17:00, 6.4:1.6oz Brazil:MM FC+ 455f: 16:30.

I'd roasted and formulated the blend ratios many ways many times "in my
mind" since ordering the 25# Robusta for testing Monday. Planned to roast
the Robusta much like MM targeted for SO espresso, leisurely and dark, and
preliminary says it's pretty close to what I wanted, though maybe not
"quite" dark enough as a direct replace for Black Tiger. In truth wanted to
go another maybe 5f or so higher and tried to adjust the CCR HT profile
while in the final stage but it would only adjust up to 475f. Been using the
sucker close to 3 years and didn't realize 475f was the MAX bean temp
allowed running automated profile!  I knew max environment temp allowed was
485f then the heater auto kills so thought I could go higher than 475f with
bean temp too, my bad. By the time I figured it out was too late to finish
the roast manual. Was about to switch to manual but bean temp hit 475f and
it auto-dumped. FWIW though roasting similar to MM targeted for SO espresso
not pulled blazing hot (207-209f) like MM SO espresso! MM SO straight shots
ya gotta tame the Zombie funk with some heat:)

More will be revealed both roast wise and shot parameter wise....

I suspect part of the problem with the Mex Robusta may have been how
roasted. Or not...

Slave to the Bean  miKe mcKoffee
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> I'm a 'freshman' in blend's for expresso, in fact SO was 
> always my passion,
> but lately I'm trying to give a little bit of 'body' to a Brazil Minas
> Gerais , using around 10% (weight) of Mexican Robusta. I'm 
> not sure if I
> will be able to get enough body with just 10%, and really 
> affraid to get the
> 'nasty' aftertaste that I got when I added same robusta to a 
> Java Kajumas
> (just gave me horrible aftertaste-did only to experiment the 'robusta'
> effect').
> Does the robusta really can help on the 'body' for 
> Brazilians? Or was just
> this Mexican Robusta not a good choice on the Robusta 
> universe? Are these
> 10% (weight) enough? Am I missing anything?
> Silas
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