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Mike Koenig koenig.mike at gmail.com
Thu May 20 19:28:12 CDT 2010


Pretty similar to my routine, except I thwack the doser and dispense into
the portafilter while the beans are grinding.  I also don't apply too much
pressure while turning the tamper, so as to not disrupt the seal between the
puck and the basket with excess force (same reason I stopped knocking the
PF).  My tamper is heavy so I just let the weight of it polish the puck.


On Thu, May 20, 2010 at 10:30 AM, Allon Stern <allon at radioactive.org> wrote:

> So, following on some earlier threads on tamping technique, I realized that
> I was dosing, levelling, then knocking the tamper against the side of the PF
> as a final settling move.
> Bad move.
> I took that out of my routine;
> Now, my routine is:
> put 2 and a smidge tablespoons of coffee into the throat of the RR45
> grinder
> put tamper upside down in the throat (it keeps the beans from flying out at
> the end, and doesn't contact the spinning parts)
> grind
> remove tamper, carefully brush bean bits off of the lip around the burrs,
> with the grinder running (using a pastry brush)
> turn off grinder
> open doser lid
> sweep grounds out of the exit chute
> turn grinder on and off to get a bit more out
> sweep out a bit more
> turn grinder on and off to get a bit more out
> remove PF from hot group head
> wipe condensation out of PF
> dose out about 4 or so pulls on the lever, PF is 1/2 to mostly full
> bang PF on the table a couple of times
> dose out remaining coffee
> using the flat edge of the handle of a plastic knife, I level off the PF.
> Usually a tiny amount of grinds get leveled off into the trash.
> align the tamper over the grounds, make a few motions to clear the edges of
> the PF of grinds, then TAMP! I use my right hand; a straight-elbow, wrist at
> 90 degrees, hand rotated to point left, all the way, then as pressure is
> applied, the hand is rotated about 120 degrees to point ahead and to the
> right.
> brush any remaining loose grinds off the PF rim
> pre-heat the cup using the steam wand; this also gooses the shot
> temperature (thermoblock machine)
> 1.5 oz in about 25 seconds
> I've noticed that since I dropped the knocking, I've had perfect pucks; no
> channeling.
> Just had a shot of 1/2 Waw (the final bits) and 1/2 black cat. Went a
> little fast (I chalk that up to mixing the two beans - individually, I've
> done very nice ristrettos) to about 2 oz in 25 seconds. Still, very smooth
> and balanced.
> -
> allon
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