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Wed May 19 20:08:13 CDT 2010

About the only way I do it- Zero- Minutes- Hours- Day(s)< ≈2Weeks rest!

A parade of flavors as the roast ages, especially This Ethiopia DP Sidamo MC
Taste is the goal, and this is a Shuttle launch out of the Mason jar and out
of the [BUFF] grinder.  Absolutely total crema out the nekid filter tops the
little Bodum Assam!

This had been stalling with my previous roast, quantity, grind and packing
technique. A web site advised to short fill the pf basket to half with
grounds, and do all the classic tamping.  Since it was already stalling for
me, I filled the basket 2/3 with beans, ground at 1.5x burr spacing (= 3.4x
particle volume.)

Please, no Scheiße for assuming a spherical particle shape. No one's paying
me to do solid geometric volume integrations of n-sided irregular
polyhedrons as the diagonal changes. (My beans were at 0° F overnight and
fractured differently than beans at r t tend to tear.)

Anyone who has solved the integral, please state the assumptions,
mathematical solution and supporting data in more than a single iteration,
please. I want to learn but I doubt it's in the book. Vol/(n) triangular
pyramids as n-> ∞. Nonsense long forgotten.

Spheres of any size, like a pile of canon balls, suggests the way water
inscribes the packed model and infuses the molecular coffee lattice. Assume
spheres, belay the onset of Insanity.

Cheers, Mabuhay, Iechyd da -RayO, aka Opa!

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