[Homeroast] Another home roaster takes the plunge

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When I was a craft/wine fair last weekend I was talking with someone who roasted coffee for the fair and found that I knew more about roasting than he did... 


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Thanks for sharing this Michael. You know, before home roasting was 
widespread people would just open roasting shops never having 
produced a single pound of coffee before. Now they have a pretty deep 
experience to draw upon, and I think it makes for much better 
success. Good luck to you! 


>I know this a home roasters list.  This is where i started.  I just want 
>  to share my excitement with fellow enthusiasts. 
>I took my first big 
>plunge when i got a 3kilo USRC roaster and leased a small warehouse 
>space to start going after wholesale accounts.  That was in January. 
>And things have been good.  Every month has trumped the previous month, 
>got one really good account (she owns 2 cafes and catering business), a 
>few smaller accounts, and more in the works. 
>NOW, i've been 
>approached to buy a coffee house here in town.  The potential here is 
>huge.  I'd move my roaster into the cafe, clear out all nick-knacks they 
>  have cluttering the space, simplify the menu, retrain the staff, and 
>bring the focus back to coffee. 
>I thought i took my biggest risk 
>earlier this year when i signed the lease to the warehouse.  But i still 
>  work weekends at my "regular" job.  If this deal comes through, NOW 
>i'll be taking my biggest risk.  I'd have to quit my job to devote 
>myself full time to the cafe and wholesale business. 
>My bank is 
>looking in to what they could offer me as far as financing, so this 
>might not even work out at all if the financing doesn't come through. 
>  my roasting began with sweet marias.  It started with the i-Roast 2, 
>then the Behmor.  I actually had my first wholesale account with the 
>Behmor (my church).  I still read and follow the list and contribute 
>when i can.  So if nothing else, this is a letter of thanks.  To Tom 
>especially, and to all you who make this list what it is. 
>I have no 
>idea what God has in store for me next.  It might be to buy and revamp 
>this cafe, it might be to be turned down on the financing and focus on 
>wholesale, heck it might be to fail entirely in the coffee biz (i sure 
>hope not). 
>One thing is certain; it's been one heck of a ride and i 
>am very blessed to have found a hobby that i might could make a living 
>off of. 
>Okay now i'm rambling.  it's nearing midnight and i've got 
>deliveries in the morning and about 15 pounds to grind. 
>Thanks again 
>God Bless! 
>Happy Roasting! 
>Michael B 
>b'ham, AL 
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