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Simple.  Cheap parts and manufacturing are the only way to produce these
limited-market machines.  They'd have to sell many, many more than they have
customers for to use quality parts and engineering.  Look how crappy most
North American-made cars are, despite selling millions and millions of them
and throwing decades of R&D at them.  Now imagine how bad those cars would
be if they only sold a thousand a year and nobody could afford to put more
than a garage tinkerer's worth of R&D into them.  It's amazing that the
roasters work as well as they do at all.   Ask Joe Behm how hard it is, and
he has put out a pretty high quality product.


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> Why is it that coffee roasters have such lousy heating systems? My first
> IRoast had a faulty system that roasted coffee to ash in under 10 minutes,
> the  second worked for a few months, then at eight minutes proceeded to
> heat
> up to  high levels and burn everything to ash. My first Gene had a faulty
> thermostat  that again turned beans to ash in a matter of minutes and then
> melted most of  the machine. Two others went the other direction, with the
> thermostat failing to  go over 450F. And all of this after cleaning after
> each
> use and relatively minor  use.
> Tom
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