[Homeroast] Another home roaster takes the plunge

miKe mcKoffee mcKona at comcast.net
Wed May 19 02:08:49 CDT 2010

Have you ever even worked in a café? Are you really and truly an excellent
barista able to maintain quality through out a non-stop couple hour slam?
Not without breaking a sweat, hell yeah you'll be breaking a sweat big time!
And loving it if it's in your blood. And whether slammed or slow every
appropriate espresso beverage gets latte art. Even hot chocolate gets latte
art:) Must also be a good trainer or hire someone who is. Do you have
experience managing employees? It's an entirely different can of worms than
wholesale roasting. TRUST ME on this!!!

Don't get me wrong, I love roasting AND I (sort of) love running two
coffeehouses, and quite probably a third by the end of the month. (Just
waiting on finalizing the lease, scheduled to close the "corporate
take-over" on the 28th, buying 100% of the stocks and assets of existing
shop, business organized as a corporation.) BUT, you must be truly INSANE. I
mean totally nuts. Bonkers. Off your rocker. Seriously not normal. Sometimes
it's a fine line between genius and one flew over the cuckoos nest but hey,
sanity is highly over rated in my book!

Are you willing to risk everything? You better be. No guts no glory is quite
apropos. Coffeehouses can be a boon or a bane. When it's slow (or dead as a
door nail) you still have to keep the doors open according to your posted
hours, be it you or PAID employee. But I love the customer interaction as
they learn and explore quality coffees and coffee beverages as much as I
love the song of the bean roasting...

Not trying to discourage you. Not at all. But don't count on the bank, money
is extremely tight regardless what the politicians may say. I don't know a
single business owner or prospective business owner who's succeeded in
getting a SBA backed loan the last couple years. You may need to mortgage
your house to the hilt if you have to and can (I did). Do the foot work and
then some more and some more until you drop and if it's meant to be HE will
provide a way. And once you start down the path don't give up in a year or
two when you're dead bone tired, fried, frustrated and possibly depressed
and at despairs door. Most do. (which is why there are often many great
equipment deals out there:) Keep pushing through the myriad challenges that
will continually pop up. The light at the end of the tunnel won't be a
freight train forever!

Good luck. (Luck = when preparedness and opportunity meet)

Slave to the Bean miKe mcKoffee

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> I know this a home roasters list.  This is where i started.  
> I just want
>  to share my excitement with fellow enthusiasts.
> I took my first big 
> plunge when i got a 3kilo USRC roaster and leased a small warehouse 
> space to start going after wholesale accounts.  That was in January.  
> And things have been good.  Every month has trumped the 
> previous month, 
> got one really good account (she owns 2 cafes and catering 
> business), a 
> few smaller accounts, and more in the works.
> NOW, i've been 
> approached to buy a coffee house here in town.  The potential here is 
> huge.  I'd move my roaster into the cafe, clear out all 
> nick-knacks they
>  have cluttering the space, simplify the menu, retrain the staff, and 
> bring the focus back to coffee.
> I thought i took my biggest risk 
> earlier this year when i signed the lease to the warehouse.  
> But i still
>  work weekends at my "regular" job.  If this deal comes through, NOW 
> i'll be taking my biggest risk.  I'd have to quit my job to devote 
> myself full time to the cafe and wholesale business.
> My bank is 
> looking in to what they could offer me as far as financing, so this 
> might not even work out at all if the financing doesn't come through.
> And
>  my roasting began with sweet marias.  It started with the i-Roast 2, 
> then the Behmor.  I actually had my first wholesale account with the 
> Behmor (my church).  I still read and follow the list and contribute 
> when i can.  So if nothing else, this is a letter of thanks.  To Tom 
> especially, and to all you who make this list what it is.
> I have no 
> idea what God has in store for me next.  It might be to buy 
> and revamp 
> this cafe, it might be to be turned down on the financing and 
> focus on 
> wholesale, heck it might be to fail entirely in the coffee 
> biz (i sure 
> hope not).
> One thing is certain; it's been one heck of a ride and i 
> am very blessed to have found a hobby that i might could make 
> a living 
> off of.
> Okay now i'm rambling.  it's nearing midnight and i've got 
> deliveries in the morning and about 15 pounds to grind.
> Thanks again 
> friends!
> God Bless!
> Happy Roasting!
> Michael B
> b'ham, AL 		 	   		  

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