[Homeroast] blend with robustas

miKe mcKoffee mcKona at comcast.net
Sun May 16 19:45:17 CDT 2010

That was an intentional test of destroying a great coffee. Sealed in jar
HOT, as in not cooled at all before sealing. ZERO cooling end of roast. Put
in sealed jar to basically "bake" from it's own heat... 

Once a coffee cooled storing in sealed jar is fine.


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> Mike, you mentioned  "... terrible tasting coffee as the 
> Robusta  ..." it
> is interesting, because I do use canned jar (fully sealed? as 
> much as you
> can get from those you buy in supermarket without any special 
> tool to close
> it), but instead of save it warm (after roast), I wait a day, 
> or but less to
> close it. And it interesting, so far I could not detect 
> anything so badly on
> save the roasted beans on that way. But, I'm relying on your 
> expertise to do
> a test. I just roast Brazil Canaan State - Minas Gerais to 
> FC+, and will
> save some in an open jar, and some with lid closed (after a 
> day only), and
> let see what will  happens.

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