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 congrats on the account miKe


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> Interesting thread. First I'll say without question Robusta is NOT required
> for good crema or deep taste and body in an espresso shot. Currently I've
> roasted Robusta only once many years ago when Tom first started his "ugh"
> (thumbs down) offerings with a low grade Vietnamese Robusta. Man that stuff
> was so foul I couldn't get a hasmet team to take it away!
> Which is not to say all Robusta is low grade be it from Vietnam or other
> origin. This was proven quite resoundingly at the PNW Gathering II during a
> cupping of Panama samples (IIRC) Tom hosted with two sleepers. One a high
> quality Robusta and the other a very rare and sought after bean, Island of
> St. Helena, treated most abysmally. The ISH was roasted and sealed in a
> canning jar straight from the roast while HOT and left sealed until the
> Gathering. During the cupping virtually without fail everyone picked the
> same terrible tasting coffee as the Robusta. Surprise, surprise. It was NOT
> the Robusta but the fouly treated ISH!
> And now almost a decade later I've begun researching quality Robusta for a
> specific reason. Developing a high octane dark Northern Italian style blend
> to the tune of 20 to 30lb a week to begin. They're now using the formerly
> Coffee People now Diedrich roasted Black Tiger as their secondary espresso
> accounting for about 25% of their total wholesale bean purchaes, to be
> replaced by my under development King Cobra, who's venon brings down Tigers
> & Elephants but lifts people:) And I'm going to launch it at my
> coffeehouses
> too. Give people what they want so you can do what you want with other
> coffees! Oh, and my Delirium will be replacing their current main espresso,
> Hairbender.
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