[Homeroast] french press blend: Reg/Decaf

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Why are you filtering your coffee twice?  The point of french press is to preserve the oils that get caught in paper filter.  You are brewing a complicated cup of pour over.


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I've been doing the same for 2-1/2 yrs now. Love the same chocolate body sumatras or Brazils mixed with regular Colombian, Mexican or Guatemalan. I originally had to start mixing because of a little midnight run to the hospital with a racing heart. They found nothing wrong. Actually by the time I got there, it had pretty much returned to normal, it just freaked me out. The doc had a funny reaction when I told him I had probably 10-12 cups of coffee that day. I figured I could either cut down my cups or start mixing half regular and half decaf. I used to do all french press like you but sometimes I don't like the sediment. Most of the time lately I've been doing my own "modified" brew. I grind the beans into the french press. Add the water. Set the timer for 2:30 or so. After about a minute, I push down the crust. I don't stir per se, no vortex, just sink everything with the back side of a spoon. After the timer is up, I pour through a rinsed paper filter
 in a dripper. Did a lot of experimenting with different drippers. Unlike total dripper brew where you might want it to flow through rather slowly, I was looking for a dripper that would let the coffee through as quickly as possible after all, it had already brewed, I just wanted to strain out the grounds. The CCD works great for this task although I don't like plastic if I have any other options. I just revceived the Hario V60 from SM to see how that works.

Nice to know someone else is mixing like this too.


Cincinnati OH


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Subject: [Homeroast] french press blend: Reg/Decaf

Anyone do a regular/decaf blend in the french press that would like to
share? I have been really enjoying the decaf sumatras roasted to full+
mixed 1/2 with a more acidic reg. I just love a nice chocolate body with a
slight brightness on top.
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