[Homeroast] blend with robustas

silas coelho silascoelho1 at gmail.com
Sat May 15 13:18:33 CDT 2010

I'm a 'freshman' in blend's for expresso, in fact SO was always my passion,
but lately I'm trying to give a little bit of 'body' to a Brazil Minas
Gerais , using around 10% (weight) of Mexican Robusta. I'm not sure if I
will be able to get enough body with just 10%, and really affraid to get the
'nasty' aftertaste that I got when I added same robusta to a Java Kajumas
(just gave me horrible aftertaste-did only to experiment the 'robusta'

Does the robusta really can help on the 'body' for Brazilians? Or was just
this Mexican Robusta not a good choice on the Robusta universe? Are these
10% (weight) enough? Am I missing anything?


Contritionem praecedit superbia,
et ante ruinam exaltatio spiritus (Prov 16:18)


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