[Homeroast] Compak vs Macap vs Rocky Grinders

raymanowen at gmail.com raymanowen at gmail.com
Sat May 15 01:55:52 CDT 2010

The Major (Silver Fireplug; BUFF) burrs do wonderful things to coffee beans
once again after 5 years' use, renewed a couple of months ago.  When I first
got it, the maintenance tag said they'd been in use for 10 years- I presume
at *$. There's a story in there somewhere.

(Can they even access the burrs in their present push-button pop machines-
and would they?) Employees in the SCAA, SCAB or SCAM union punch in, push
buttons, make change, punch out and cash their check. Seems like little else
was interesting to the majority in Denver town when I was seeking a reason
to enjoy espresso.

Why seek to enjoy espresso? As I said before, I was associated with a fellow
that won the bid on an equipment lot from the SS United States in dry

"Hey, Ray- What do you know about this espresso machine?

"Nuthin-' but I can count- it has 5 or 6 stations, and looks like it came
from a Tijuana Cat House, with all the black and red Naugahyde and gold
(polished Brass?) pieces...  Thus started my quest to find out how Real
Espresso should taste.

Looks like SCAA might as well be SCCA, as much as they do for the commercial
cup.  Almost made "Commercial" a four-letter word, instead of "Artisan" the
bean deserves.

In my opinion, the Grinder is Everything.  Any real coffee shop ought to
keep a stack of new burrs like the Cincinnati Kid had a stack of chips at
the table in Las Vegas.

Who promotes the palaver about coffee clumps surviving the packing tamp?
Stand up and be counted. So coffee clumps have more structural integrity
than the buildings in San Francisco in 1906, Philippines 1968, or Haiti more
recently. By comparison, the raw coffee clumps out of the new burrs in the
Mazzer are demolished by the Richter 10.0 vibration and tamping force that
resolves to a tri-axial force by Poisson's ratio.

The compression due to the axial tamping force causes transverse forces that
tend to seal the puck in the filter basket. Otherwise, the brewing water
would flow around the puck instead of through it, at reduced pressure and
extraction and little crema formation.

Conversely, a wine bottle cork screw can extract the cork when it's screwed
in less than half-way. Poisson again. Screw a wood screw into the cork, and
you're never pulling it out intact. P.

So the grinder makes clumps. They can't survive packing and tamping- I have
some extra sharp Cheddar and Irish Dubliner that might go well with your
spur gear sound.

Cheers, Mabuhay, Iechyd da -RayO, aka Opa!

Got Grinder?

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