[Homeroast] Roasted a bit darker than I wanted.

Jim Gundlach pecanjim at bellsouth.net
Fri May 14 21:29:17 CDT 2010

I roasted about a pound of some very small beans in the full sunshine  
in a wok over an outside fire in near ninety degree Alabama spring  
weather.  I found that when I moved the beans inside they looked a lot  
darker than they did in direct sunlight, if I had good hearing or been  
able to set up my cell phone sound spectrogram,  I am sure I would  
have observed some second cracks going on before I quit.  Anyway,  
these are the first dark roasted beans of my own that I have had in  
probably more than two years.  I noticed a couple of things.  One is  
that some of the subtle flavors I found in an earlier lighter roast of  
this same coffee are simply missing.  Second, it is easier to draw a  
non-squirting espresso shot through a bear bottom portafilter basket  
with a darker roast than it is with a lighter roast.  I understand the  
first difference but I don't have any idea why the second occurred.
       pecan jim

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