[Homeroast] Behmor 1600 and small beans

Jim Gundlach pecanjim at bellsouth.net
Tue May 11 23:00:23 CDT 2010

I have been ordering beans by numeric rating lately, the procedure I  
use is to look for a total SweetMaria's rating score of 90 or more and  
only accept those that have a somewhat lower score on brightness than  
on most of the other rated dimensions.  However, this has resulted in  
my getting more than half my beans too small to roast in the Behmor  
because many of them fall through and get stuck in the holes in the  
mesh drum during the roasting process.  Now I have the later and  
smaller mesh drum so getting the newer drum won't help.   But, this  
bean selection method has me resorting to my older roasting methods,  
mostly hand stirring while roasting in a wok over a gas fire.  Now, my  
health has improved to the point that roasting in the wok  is not  
really a problem but I do kind of miss the handiness of having the TV  
and computer displayed on a large screen in front of me and the Behmor  
on the desk to my left at about the same distance and running at the  
same time.  The small beans take me from doing three things at the  
same time to doing only one.  This kind of goes against my efforts to  
make the most of my remaining life which is a response to surviving a  
disease that has a 94% mortality rate.  And, I do wonder why this  
method of selecting beans leads to getting so many small ones.

             pecan jim 

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