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Greg Hollrigel ghollrigel at gmail.com
Mon May 10 14:11:56 CDT 2010

Whew!  I thought I had a bad experience when I realized my Behmor cleaning
brush was in the roaster between 1st crack and 2nd crack.  Luckily, the
brush didn't catch on fire, but my bristles are shorter.  I guess it's time
to see if Behmor sells replacement brushes.  :-)  Now ... Greg's lesson for
the weekend, don't store the brush on the chaffe tray.

Good luck Silas.


On Mon, May 10, 2010 at 8:30 AM, silas coelho <silascoelho1 at gmail.com>wrote:

> I dont know if I should regret, or I should be proud of myself. But the
> fact
> is that now I'm really part of prestigious group of Home Roaster ! After 2
> years with several trials, and misleading, getting bad tastes, and few
> outstanding ones (the ones that motivates me to keep trying!), I just now
> can really  feel what means be a Home Roaster.
> It was a warm, sunny sunday afternoon, nothing but the perfect conditions
> (are there any not perfect?) for my roasting. I cleanup my proudly owned
> Behmor, removed all left over from previous roast, and started a new batch
> (first for the day). I was a little bit dow on roast for while, thanks to
> the lack of jars to save my roasted beans, but it was sunday, just got new
> jars, and  lets do it again. Of course before start I did some dripping,
> with Brazil Canaan Estate (South Minas), for myself and my wife, and it was
> great.
> For this round of roast, I used some Brazil Cerrado (I dont remember the
> farm), it was ok, but most probably I went too much on the FC+ side,
> getting
> to the edge of Vienna, I probably lost a significative amount of flavor
> here, but lets see after 3 or 4 days.
> Ok, second round, lets clean the Behmor with Vacuum, wait for about 1 hour,
> and start again, now will be with SM Classic Expresso Blend, should get
> just
> on the edge of Vienna (recomend for a chocolate), just not a full pound,
> but
> being around 3/4 lb, should be ok, good enough. Turn on the Behmor,
> programmed as 1lb (otherwise will not be able to get on the edge of
> Vienna),
> keep my hand cronometer in my hands (as I always do, in case I need to
> leave
> my garage, where I roast it, I can make sure to be around for the 1st and
> 2nd crack). Just before the 1st crack (or right at 1st or 2nd pop on the
> first crack), I left to a short bio visit, on my return....I got my Behmor
> engulfed in 2 - 5 inches of flames, smoke in every corner of my garage, and
> my wife screaming for the nasty smell!! Of course, as a genius that I'm, I
> opened the Behmor door, everything got just worst (more oxigen for burn!!),
> unplug my Behmor praying to still be alive!
> After many ours of cleaning, removing debris, and cleaning again, and
> again,
> seems my Behmor still alive, and I still got a lot of bad smell in my whole
> house (even my dog sneezes).
> Proudly Home roaster!
> Btw: I did not use the CLassic Expresso Blend in my expresso maker, but it
> works pretty well in my Charcoal Based Barbecue Grill :-)
> Regards
> Silas
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