[Homeroast] Part of the Home Roaster Club

silas coelho silascoelho1 at gmail.com
Mon May 10 10:30:25 CDT 2010

I dont know if I should regret, or I should be proud of myself. But the fact
is that now I'm really part of prestigious group of Home Roaster ! After 2
years with several trials, and misleading, getting bad tastes, and few
outstanding ones (the ones that motivates me to keep trying!), I just now
can really  feel what means be a Home Roaster.

It was a warm, sunny sunday afternoon, nothing but the perfect conditions
(are there any not perfect?) for my roasting. I cleanup my proudly owned
Behmor, removed all left over from previous roast, and started a new batch
(first for the day). I was a little bit dow on roast for while, thanks to
the lack of jars to save my roasted beans, but it was sunday, just got new
jars, and  lets do it again. Of course before start I did some dripping,
with Brazil Canaan Estate (South Minas), for myself and my wife, and it was

For this round of roast, I used some Brazil Cerrado (I dont remember the
farm), it was ok, but most probably I went too much on the FC+ side, getting
to the edge of Vienna, I probably lost a significative amount of flavor
here, but lets see after 3 or 4 days.

Ok, second round, lets clean the Behmor with Vacuum, wait for about 1 hour,
and start again, now will be with SM Classic Expresso Blend, should get just
on the edge of Vienna (recomend for a chocolate), just not a full pound, but
being around 3/4 lb, should be ok, good enough. Turn on the Behmor,
programmed as 1lb (otherwise will not be able to get on the edge of Vienna),
keep my hand cronometer in my hands (as I always do, in case I need to leave
my garage, where I roast it, I can make sure to be around for the 1st and
2nd crack). Just before the 1st crack (or right at 1st or 2nd pop on the
first crack), I left to a short bio visit, on my return....I got my Behmor
engulfed in 2 - 5 inches of flames, smoke in every corner of my garage, and
my wife screaming for the nasty smell!! Of course, as a genius that I'm, I
opened the Behmor door, everything got just worst (more oxigen for burn!!),
unplug my Behmor praying to still be alive!

After many ours of cleaning, removing debris, and cleaning again, and again,
seems my Behmor still alive, and I still got a lot of bad smell in my whole
house (even my dog sneezes).

Proudly Home roaster!

Btw: I did not use the CLassic Expresso Blend in my expresso maker, but it
works pretty well in my Charcoal Based Barbecue Grill :-)



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