[Homeroast] [OT] Mother's Day Coffee?

Yakster yakster at gmail.com
Sun May 9 14:46:18 CDT 2010

Happy Mother's Day, all mothers and sons and daughters of mothers.  Any
special coffee for the special day?

"My kids" prepared my Wife breakfast in bed, but sadly I missed an
opportunity to use the last of the roasted coffee to make a cappuccino for
her this morning, instead I just made a short cup of coffee.  When do kids
get old enough to take this on themselves, anyway?  Heck, we'll be teaching
my oldest to drive soon and my youngest will be starting middle school next
year.  I guess I feel the pressure to have "the kids" make Mother's Day as
special as "they" make Father's Day.

Since I'm out of roasted coffee--again--I guess I'll have to roast while the
Wife is at work.


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