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raymanowen at gmail.com raymanowen at gmail.com
Fri May 7 22:28:49 CDT 2010

Well, Rayo, I wonder if you've ever tried a bottomless portafilter?

I'll bet not.

They have serious advantages and few disadvantages.
I wonder why you offer an opinion if you've never used one?
I wonder if you've even seen on used?

Bet not.

I used a metal lathe to cut the bottoms off mine.
You can use other means such as a drill press and hole saw.
The advantages are:

1. Nothing to keep clean. Coffee never touches it.
2. Nothing to keep warm or cold. The Coffee doesn't touch it.
3. It keeps the Coffee a bit warmer. (This has been tested).
[*If 1(b), 2(b), this is not possible and I think you may have misread
4. It allows more clearance for machines where you can't get a mug under the
regular PF.
5. It is fun to watch, though that wears off...
6. It does allow you to see how the coffee is packed etc... though that
wears off too.
7. It does once in awhile make a mess if you don't know how to load a
basket, but if you see 6., above, that will happen very rarely and then
almost never.

Most of the best coffee bars in SF use them (Bluebottle et al). [alii- Who?]
If they were crap, I doubt they would.
*[In this case,they have been marketed a useless artifact, given 1(b) and
2(b), above]*
If they offered more disadvantages over advantages,
I doubt they would.

There is this to say about that- I don't frequent Las Vegas- currently. If
you can cover all your bets, I'll hop Greyhound for the 1,800 mile trip out,
and drive back in a new car.

Cheers, Mabuhay -RayO, aka Opa!

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