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Fri May 7 10:55:32 CDT 2010

Haven't heard or been able to find any info' on released or prototype carbon
filter portafilters. Doesn't mean in some top secret lab it ain't happenin'!
I would tend to agree and believe not being a good heat conductor would be
irrelevant to the shot. The usual concern is the PF being under temp causing
heat loss pulling heat from the group simply by locking it in, not adding to
or maintaining shot temp itself.

There are a number of machines being offered with carbon filter skin as an


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> On May 7, 2010, at 4:21 AM, Sandy Andina wrote:
> > someone mentioned a carbon-fiber portafilter---isn't that 
> material a lousy conductor of heat, and would make an 
> underextracted shot (if it survived the temps)? I have some 
> carbon-fiber pens, which are cool. OTOH, I think a 
> carbon-fiber shell would look fierce on an espresso 
> machine.....although it'd cost more than the machine itself.  
> (Talking about the stuff embedded into a resin, of course).
> A lousy conductor of heat wouldn't necessarily affect the 
> shot temp too badly; a lousy conductor of heat has another 
> name - insulator.
> It wouldn't keep the shot temp stable by being the same 
> temperature as the grouphead, but it also wouldn't pull that 
> heat away from the water as it extracts.
> -
> allon
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