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Fri May 7 07:16:49 CDT 2010

" [carbon fiber] a lousy conductor of heat, and would make an underextracted
shot (if it survived the temps)?"

Well, my Capresso has an investment-cast aluminum portafilter body, that
conducts heat far better than even Marine brass. That has no effect on the
extraction, which has already taken place in the filter basket.

The 58mm portafilter handles have two ears to lock into the group. At 9 bar
brew pressure, each ear has to support about 271 pounds of force. The three
ears of the 53mm Capresso pf each have to support 151 pounds force, at the
same brew pressure.

It is what it is, with some advantages but horrible filter shapes, something
besides the machine design controls shot quality.  With pre-heated reservoir
water, even the wimpy heater can maintain the brew temperature. Pressure
depends only on the (adequate) pump capacity and the packing density of the
grounds.  The latter depends on grind quality and packing technique.

A box of Grape=Nuts says "Product sold by weight, not volume. Some settling
may occur during shipment."  I force the settling in the pf basket by
holding it against the vibrating porta filter fork on the BUFF grinder as it
continues to run after grinding the 14g of beans. Probably use less than 10
pounds force on the tamper.  Just even and level the top of the "puck."

Cheers, Mabuhay, Iechyd da -RayO, aka Opa!

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