[Homeroast] Bottomless and feckless

Sandy Andina sandraandina at mac.com
Fri May 7 03:21:03 CDT 2010

someone mentioned a carbon-fiber portafilter---isn't that material a lousy conductor of heat, and would make an underextracted shot (if it survived the temps)? I have some carbon-fiber pens, which are cool. OTOH, I think a carbon-fiber shell would look fierce on an espresso machine.....although it'd cost more than the machine itself.  (Talking about the stuff embedded into a resin, of course).

3:20 am???!!!--uh-oh, gotta start roasting decaf again. G'night!
On May 7, 2010, at 1:09 AM, Ryan M. Ward wrote:

> I am so not getting into the middle of this. 
> All I have to say is I really enjoy this list and think you are all really cool and intriguing people- Ray-O included. Not that I agree or disagree with anything in particular, I will keep that to myself. 

Peace & song, 

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