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Phil Palmintere phil.palmintere at gmail.com
Thu May 6 12:25:55 CDT 2010

> Another two cents.  Coffee and car repair are two of my hobbies, I
> enjoy doing them and I feel I am quite good at both but I made a
> living as a sociology professor and now live off the retirement income
> generated by teaching and doing research for more than thirty years.
> But, one of the kids we adopted worked with me on all my auto repair
> activities for the year and a half that he lived with us and it took
> him from not knowing how to change a tire to being a professional
> mechanic.  He has obviously learned more since he left home but he
> will still occasionally ask me a mechanic question.  His wife was
> working in a women's fashion store and after she tried my coffee she
> consistently wanted to know more about selecting beans, roasting, and
> brewing.  She has moved from women's fashion to working in and now
> managing one of the best coffee shops in a very large metropolitan
> area.  She is now asking for more help in learning more about coffee
> as she plans to open her own combined coffee/custom fashions shop.
> Out of dozens, only two of the people paid to make me coffee produced
> as good a drink as I regularly do.  I have completely quit using
> mechanics so I can't make a similar statement about their work.  In
> general we label people by the activity they do to make most of their
> income, not by what they do best.
>        pecan jim

Ah yes, cars and coffee go well together; I'm a fan of both, too.
http://www.carsandcoffee.com/  for example.  Hang out much at

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