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Mexico, Honduras and Nicaragua are 3 origins that have very nice mild 
coffees, good solid classic cup. But they are also 3 places that 
consistently damage the coffee in processing/exporting/shipping (bad 
preparation, drying containers stuck at humid ports). The tradition 
in much of Nic. is to transport semi-dried coffee to dry mills in 
hotter, lower areas where they finish the drying on black plastic 
tarps laid on the ground. It's not a great system. I thought we had 
done well working with one family who had a house on the farm and a 
house at the mill. They live with their coffee! But still they are 
just good ... we have been going after the unique cultivars, the Java 
Longberry, Pacamara etc in order to find something more in the cup. 
But what I think you will see in this auction is a few good coffees 
with good bidding, then a lot of plain decent clean coffees getting 
crazy bids, mostly from Asia, where honestly they go nuts for 
anything with a mark or brand or seal on it. I know a few roasters 
backing out of COE completely. Not me - I believe in it, but I won't 
bid on anything that is truly not EXCELLENT and there have been some 
odd juries who pump non-excellent coffees up the point scale into the 
realm of the ridiculous. The top 10 always has a few coffees that 
make me seriously doubt the process, and then you have a 15th or 17th 
place coffee that can easily be top 10 but isn'. Anyway even with 
it's flaws, it's still important, it still promotes great coffee and 
great farming practices, it still helps in the discovery of great 
farms, and is a way to champion the small grower over the big ones, 
and we are still involved. I will be on the Guatemala jury later this 
month, in the middle of a trip around Central America to other 


>I must say that I really like the origin flavor of a good Nicaragua.
>Up there on my list of favorites. They are just few and far between.
>Ed Bourgeois aka farmroast
>Amherst MA.
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