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Tue May 4 00:43:43 CDT 2010

"I was wondering if anyone has tried a bottomless porta  filter..."

The bottomless portafilter is a gimmick.  Somehow, espresso drinks managed
to get prepared well enough to gain quite the popular following before my
string (2) of barista-prepared shots convinced me it was a complete waste of
beans and machinery. Neither a bottomless portafilter nor any other magic
will turn bad technique into a good espresso shot.

As supplied, the porta filter handle of my Capresso thingy had some carbon
fiber pieces that come out with the removal of a single torx-head screw.
When I first got the Crapesso, my questions to Hufford about removing the
pieces to make a bottomless pf went unanswered.

With no answers forthcoming from the seller or manufacturer, that's carte
blanche for me to find out on my own, Love it- checking how things work my
own coffee pot. I already cracked the carbon fiber valve body when I
followed the cleaner's directions. Ready to put some radiator Stop-Leak in
it - almost. The Duesenberg hose clamp worked.

The output of the 55 watt pump had an apparent pressure relief valve on it-
looked exactly like one, with the relief flow plumbed to the reservoir tank.
No functional relief valve on the new "rebuilt" one either.

Bottomless porta filters are built-in to Crapessos. You can't thoroughly
clean it unless you make it so, anyway- four complete surfaces in the pf
could only be lightly rinsed before removal of the extra pieces.  P.poor
performance for the clean freak that likes to see crystal clear water on a
blank flush.

Save your money on the blank portafilter. Spend Wampum on a better grinder,
whatever you have now.

miKe's right- if you already have a fire hydrant-sized grinder, replace the
burrs unless you absolutely know they're almost new.  With only 400# use
since new, my burrs felt wicked sharp to the touch.  *$ probably ground a
lot more in the ten years on the previous burr maintenance tag. New burrs
made an amazing difference after my mild home use.

Cheers, Mabuhay -RayO, aka Opa!

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