[Homeroast] Bottomless Portafilter

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Mon May 3 19:29:37 CDT 2010

I can't live without the naked portafilter. Highly recommend. It gives so
much information about the shot that I simply feel like I'm driving with one
eye closed if I use a normal portafilter. Basically, I agree with everything
Mike says. Spritzes tell you something is wrong, micro channeling that
travels through the puck. Stop the shot and start over. It also shows
channeling. If one side of the extraction goes blond, you know you screwed
up the distribution or the tamp. I love it when everything comes together
and I see that thick cone of dark crema glooping (is that a word?) down into
the cup with the right timing.
I'm can't pull every shot well. I usually sink one shot for every good shot.
But at least I know that I have a good shot with the naked portafilter.

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I was wondering if anyone has tried a bottomless portafilter, and what they
think of it. I have read that it help improve one's shots.


Alex Fitch
Alex at Fitch-Family.org

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