[Homeroast] CNN's report on coffee

Phil Palmintere phil.palmintere at gmail.com
Mon May 3 16:40:51 CDT 2010

In Silicon Valley, doctors used to ask "do you work at HP?"  "Yes"  "Don't
drink their coffee." 

HP coffee used to take permanent marker off a dry erase whiteboard.

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> > According to every doctor I have ever dealt with __"You Are Going To
> > Die, Soon"__  I measure coffee in 64oz pots/day.  Todays witch
> > doctors wear a white coat, reading chicken entrails has gone out of
> > style.
> My wife and I use that as a test of a new doctor: We walk into her or
> his examining room clutching our 32oz coffee cups, and if the first
> remark is, "You drink too much coffee, and that is the cause of
> whatever
> brought you here today" then we fire them. We do drink a lot of coffee,
> sure enough, but we have been doing so for years, so whatever new
> problem we have is due to other causes (though we admit that our coffee
> consumption may exacerbate any issue).
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