[Homeroast] Bottomless Portafilter

John Borella jborella at ct.metrocast.net
Mon May 3 11:02:07 CDT 2010

 What are you using for a grinder? As Mike said it is much more important 
then your machine. With a good espresso grinder you shouldn't have to beat 
yourself up over distribution. I use a Major & a K10WBC for espresso & all I 
do is dose a fairly centered pile into the basket, do a light nutating tamp 
& pull the shot. No stirring or excess leveling required.

John B.

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From: "Joseph Robertson" <theotherjo at gmail.com>

> miKe,
> Next trip to town, could I get you to demonstrate your distribution
> technique for me. I have ( what I think is a consistent repeatable 
> method )
> but when using my bottomless to test myself I fail more than I should. My
> weight is constant but I do need help.
> Joe

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