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Mon May 3 10:13:02 CDT 2010

Remember, more important than what espresso machine you're using is what
grinder and condition of grinder. You can get better shots with a $200
espresso machine and $1000 grinder than a $20,000 espresso machine and a
$100 grinder. 

And whether a $300 or $3000 grinder it's important to replace burrs on a
regular basis, about twice as often as manufacturer stated burr life. For
instance Rocky's burrs are rated 200#, but many years experience with Rocky
tells me with very high level of confidence Rocky's burrs should be replaced
every 75 to at most 100# when grinding for espresso. IIRC eighth set of
burrs went in a couple weeks ago. (Yup, still using Rocky at home espresso
bar.) Same goes for Mazzers. Major burrs may be rated 800# (IIRC it's 800)
but grind quality drops off way before 800#...

Yes agree level, consistent pressure tamp is important if tamping. Unlevel
tamp results in lopsided over/under extracted shot. An old school bad
habit/practice I still see too often is tamping THEN tapping the PF to knock
grinds down off inner basket wall then tamping again. Quit hitting the PF up
side the head! It can often cause cracks in the build which of course leads
to channeling. 

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> On May 3, 2010, at 8:06 AM, Peter Louton wrote:
> > So, if I understand, I need to just really pay attention to 
> my distribution and grind and not so much the tamp, right?
> And I quote....
> On May 3, 2010, at 12:36 AM, miKe mcKoffee wrote:
> > Now OTOH a bad tamp CAN destroy what might have been 
> perfectly fine distribution...
> So they're both important.
> We had a shop here (Brew Mountain) which paid as close 
> attention to their espresso as you - all nekkid, timed, and 
> perfect. If they didn't do it right, they'd do it over again. 
> It is worth the wait.
> Sadly, they closed :(
> I guess it wasn't worth the wait to enough people in that 
> neighborhood.
> But it was a shot of espresso from these folks that taught me 
> what good espresso can be, and gave me something to aspire 
> to. I've greatly increased the quality of my espresso, but 
> have not achieved consistency and am unlikely to do so until 
> I upgrade my machine. Maybe this year will be the year I get 
> that Silvia.
> still regretting not purchasing an used S21 while driving 
> through KS a few years back. it could have been a dream 
> machine. Then again, maybe it would have been a nightmare.....
> -
> allon

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