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miKe mcKoffee mcKona at comcast.net
Sun May 2 23:36:57 CDT 2010

Actually no I don't have PF's with spouts for use at either of my
coffeehouses. Every single shot by every single person at my shops is pulled

Quitting using a nekkid PF because of getting spritzes is like quitting
driving because your car needs a tune-up so badly it won't run. Ignoring
problems, ie primarily bad distribution, won't make the problem go away. BTW
tamp is not the main culprit of bad shots. The tamp's purpose is to preserve
the distribution. Don't believe me? No problem, stop by and I'll pull
non-channeling zero tamp shots, piece of cake. However the problem with zero
tamp shots is the group gets dirtier faster! Now OTOH a bad tamp CAN destroy
what might have been perfectly fine distribution...

Do spritzes make a mess? Of course they do. And everyone gets them now and
then. I recall getting one just today during a rush when I got sloppy with
my build, and it was immediately evident so I killed the shot and started
the beverage over. Had it not been for pulling nekkid a sub-standard shot
might have been served! Spouts can hide a multitude of sins which result in
crappy shots. And the one before that was over a week ago. Improve your
technique so you don't get channeling spritzes all the time. If you can't
pull a beautiful nekkid shot 99% of the time, you have work to do with your
PF build technique plain and simple. 

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