[Homeroast] Gulf Coast Oil Spill Coffee Bomb

Hank Perkins hankperkins at gmail.com
Sat May 1 11:34:20 CDT 2010

I don't post here often, but today I come to you asking for  a favor.
I hope this is not against the rules.  If so, please forgive me.

As we speak I am roasting coffee to send to my in laws in Pensacola
and Fort Walton Beach Florida.  I ask that if you have friends or
relatives on the coast in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida
that you roast a pound for our coastal residents and your friends.

Fellow coffee heads, this is a ecological disaster like the US has
never seen.  The economic impact will be felt across the country.

I am 51 and have visited the gulf coast as long as I can remember.
Before I was married to my wife I loved this area.  The people of
these coastal areas have fed me, housed me, helped me with sunburn,
got me intoxicated, doctored me, married me, heck I could go on and

I got engaged on these beaches to my wife of 27 years.

We can offer them support and friendship via our coffee mailing.

Now, we need a slogan to include with our packages.  Any suggestions???

If you choose to participate, thank you.  These Americans are
terrified of the consequences, we can offer them a little coffee to
settle their souls.


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