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Actually, "holds a job" is not a defining qualification of being a
professional. "Holding a job" in our society commonly means being paid to
work for someone else. 

Tom is most assuredly a coffee professional. Tom is self employed and hence
does not have a "job".

Most doctors are considered professionals. Many doctors are self employed.

Most attorneys are considered professionals. Many attorneys are self


While I agree being a professional does not assure competence the statement
"In most cases the non paid person who is performing a task will have a
higher competency level than a comparable paid person" is baseless hogwash.

Most people would be fail miserably performing brain surgery or defending
themselves in court. 

As far as coffee is concerned I've observed and experienced a rather large
sampling of both amateur and professional skills over the last decade. While
I agree there are many competent and even some exceedingly excellent highly
skilled home barista I highly doubt many if any would have the skill to come
close to matching any of the six finalists in the recent US Barista
competition, all professionals. I also highly doubt many if any would match
the skill of even some of my baristas. 

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> A "professional" is simply a person who holds a job and receives 
> remuneration for doing it.  An amateur is unpaid.  Neither 
> term implies 
> skill and/or competence.  Look in the general press and you will see 
> that "professional" is used to imply skill and/or competence, 
> this use 
> of professional is incorrect.  Check your Webster Dictionary. 
>  One more 
> indication that the talking head is empty.
> In most cases the non paid person who is performing a task 
> will have a 
> higher competency level than a comparable paid person.

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