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Jim Couch ravskau at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 14:24:19 CDT 2010

And if you have trouble finding a Poppery II Walgreens sells a air popper
with the "right kind of" (on the side of the chamber not the bottom) vents
for about eleven bucks, for some reason when you use it things work out
better if you take a #8 can, remove both ends and the paper label and stack
it on top of the chamber (mostly it makes things tall enough that beans
don't get blown out but chaff does.)
it's called the sometin or other gourmet or maybe the gourmet somethin or

On Mon, Mar 29, 2010 at 12:47 PM, Kim Phipps <kphipps at mac.com> wrote:

> Dave, as long as you're only doing about 3/4 cup at a time, and this is
> just something to tide you over till June, why not just go for the old
> school hot air popcorn popper route? I roast until right about the 2nd crack
> too with my Poppery 2. I have been meaning to upgrade eventually, but since
> I roast small amounts and I'm enjoying the darker roasts, I figure if I like
> what I got, don't fix it. Smoke goes up the stove vent, chaff into the sink.
> No fuss.
> > Today our well-used iRoast 2 started acting up, so I went online to see
> > about a replacement.  Out of stock until JUNE?!?!?!?  Oh no! (visions of
> > being without coffee)
> >
> > So now what?  Are there any alternatives that would keep an iRoast user
> > happy?  I roast in pretty small quantities, about 3/4 of a cup of green
> > beans at a time.  Preferred roasts are on the darker side, usually into
> 2nd
> > crack, but no espresso.
> >
> > Noise, smoke and within reason cost are not issues.
> >
> > As an aside, anyone know why they should be out of stock for so long?  I
> > thought everything was "just in time" manufacturing these days. )
> >
> > Dave
> > St. Petersburg, Florida USA
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