[Homeroast] Vac Pot Questions

Dan d54696 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 28 16:29:08 CDT 2010

I usually make espresso, but have been playing a bit with Vacuum Pots and have some questions:

1. I have a Kona and a new condition Sunbeam C30A. I measured the upper globe temperature on the Kona and it was only 167 F. I was under the impression that it should be about 204. Is that incorrect? I made the measurement using water (no coffee) and using an accurate thermometer. I use the Kona for iced coffee and it does a nice job, but I do detect a slight sour note, which in the espresso world means the temp is too low. I'm at about 700 feet above sea level.

2. The Sunbeam has the opposite condition. I tweaked the screws inside so I get a total brew time (again using no coffee, just water) of 2 minutes before the coffee heads south. However, the temperature of the brew water is between 208 and 210 F. Isn't this way too hot? Does anyone know of a way to reduce the temperature of the Sunbeam? 

Its a beautiful art deco unit, new feeling rubber and truly unused.

Thanks in advance for any guidance. I have already read the threads regarding the screw adjustments of the Sunbeam. They do address brew length but don't address brew temperature. 

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