[Homeroast] iRoast alternatives?

dc at tnor.org dc at tnor.org
Sat Mar 27 10:20:41 CDT 2010

Today our well-used iRoast 2 started acting up, so I went online to see
about a replacement.  Out of stock until JUNE?!?!?!?  Oh no! (visions of
being without coffee)

So now what?  Are there any alternatives that would keep an iRoast user
happy?  I roast in pretty small quantities, about 3/4 of a cup of green
beans at a time.  Preferred roasts are on the darker side, usually into 2nd
crack, but no espresso.

Noise, smoke and within reason cost are not issues.

As an aside, anyone know why they should be out of stock for so long?  I
thought everything was "just in time" manufacturing these days. )

St. Petersburg, Florida USA

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