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I've been using a convention like you mentioned for many years. You get a
different password for each site, but it is easy to remember. Of course
brute force cracking can crack it, but you only need a password that is
harder to crack than most people. It is like hunting. If a lion chases you,
you don't have to outrun the lion, just outrun your fellow hunters.

I'm holding out for Quantum Cryptology. No, it's not sci-fi, but is the holy
grail of cryptology that is unbreakable due to the Heisenberg principle of


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Here's something else to consider that might be a good balance between
effective and easy-to-use.

Consider developing your own personal formula for a password. You could
fashion a password to use for websites as follows: a string of
alphanumerics + some portion of the domain name + another string of
alphanumerics. e.g. "1ststringsw2ndstrinG" for sweetmarias.com. Create a
different formula for other types of passwords.

This is better than using the same password, or a handful of them, for
everything. Get creative with your formula. Change case. Insert numbers.
Now, instead of somebody guessing your dog's name, or anniversary date,
they would have to guess your formula. Of course, the risk is that you are
establishing some sort of pattern. But, make it weird enough and it will
be effective for most things.

Back to my "juice being worth the squeeze" comment. Adjust the complexity
of your password scheme to the importance of the data you're protecting.
No need to shoot a fly with a cannon.

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