[Homeroast] Resting coffees after roast

Bob Hazen peatmonster at comcast.net
Tue Mar 23 23:53:09 CDT 2010

It makes complete sense to me.  I recall an unruly, tart, light-roasted 
Kenyan that was undrinkable even after a couple days.  It took  a good 10 
days rest, but it finally settled down.  Makes my mouth pucker just thinking 
about it.  I general, I prefer heavier, less-bright coffees roasted to FC or 
FC+.  Right out of the roaster they're not so jarring as that darn Kenyan of 
days past.


>I might add here the observation that darker roasts are "ready" earlier 
> lighter roasts.
> One of the possible reasons is that the "bright" flavors appear to be
> "brightest" just out of the roaster. In some cases with bright, acidic
> coffee, lightly roast, that might just set your teeth on edge it's so
> bright.
> When the volatiles combine with the natural acidity of the bean and the
> higher acidity of lighter roasts, blowing off the volatiles by resting a 
> few
> days to tone things down a little makes a lot of sense.
> Darker roasts appear to mute the high, bright notes, and so are ready
> earlier.
> Does any of this make sense?
> Doug

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