[Homeroast] Email security ideas

Steven Van Dyke coffee at svandyke.com
Tue Mar 23 16:39:55 CDT 2010

It's also pretty easy to come up with a very secure password that's 
easy to remember.

For example, if you wanted a very secure password for the Sweet 
Maria's Coffee Mailing list you could use:

At 03:02 PM 3/23/2010, you wrote:
>Very nice to hear from a pro who's job it is to manage security on systems.
>As to how much work am I willing to spend on thwarting efforts? I have been
>the victim of ID theft more than once. As you probably know there are free
>and very inexpensive password tools out there to generate and auto fill for
>you so not really much effort for personal system security.
>I am curious I just generated this password "H&vhAtL27^5E$x at 5CL9%XUt#cYC!"
>How long would it take your best team with the best tools out there to crack
>this 168 bit password?

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