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Mon Mar 22 22:05:53 CDT 2010

"...a question that I've been wondering about myself, what happens when you
rest beans after the roast.
I've heard many opine that the only thing that happens after the roast is
staling of beans, and that for some reason beans that have been staled from
1 to 4 days taste better then right out of the roaster, but if you let your
beans stale past 14 days, -*it's rubbish.*"

You said a mouthful - emphasis mine.

We've come a long way since the Goats imbibed coffee that was neither
roasted nor aged. They weren't dancing- They Were Gagging. The stuff was
Terrible, and they clearly said so- "Bah!"

>From the chemistry standpoint, the high temperature - oxygen rich
environment of roasting the hydrocarbon beans would represent the ultimate
Staling event. The subsequent evolution of CO2 from the roasted beans
continues for as long as they are still fresh, in my opinion.

Maintain the roasted beans in this naturally-occurring CO2 bath and they
maintain freshness as they age. The CO2 is more dense and displaces oxygen,
so staling can't occur as long as the beans are submerged.

If you are curious and really want to sample stale beans, try some Archer
Farms coffee from the bins at Target. Not their prime commodity and no
better stored than letters in PO boxes. CO2 seeps right out and the O2 fraction
in the atmosphere is pulled in behind it.

Think- "100# of peanut butter." In an open bowl- stale. Coffee absolutely
stales when it oxidizes, not at all when it's kept submerged in the out
gassing CO2. If you can hermetically seal your favorite burlap bag or bamboo
basket, it's all good.

Cheers, Mabuhay -RayO, aka Opa!

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