[Homeroast] to swallow or not to swallow

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It's a good point, but I think you can get a retro-nasal effect 
without swallowing (although it would be easier). Also, I would 
probably argue that being over caffeinated would be more of a problem 
with tasting ability than not swallowing would be. I actually find 
the psychological barriers with tasting to be one of the major 
problems: if you are worried about something else, mad, annoyed - 
these are the worst. For me, a lot of cupping is about focusing, 
which is why I always feel more confident cupping at my own table, 
and I think I do best cupping alone too. Cupping is not just tasting 
what is in front of you either; it is leveraging all your experiences 
from your sensorial memory and relating them to the stimulus you are 
presenting yourself. Someone could have an accute sense of smell or 
taste but without experience there is no way to make decisions based 
on that input... in all, the effect of swallowing or not, to me, 
seems really small.   Just complicating the thread a bit. ;-)


>Swallowing helps. Nasal backdrafts are much stronger after swallowing. Right
>after swallowing, it is instinctive to exhale through the nose (it keeps
>food and liquids from going down the windpipe). Try to do the opposite
>(inhale) and you'll see what I mean. At that moment of slight exhale,
>flavors go out through the nasal cavity, pass the olfactory sensors. So, in
>effect, one is sniffing out, rather than sniffing in. Flavors, especially
>the more ephemeral, stand out. To magnify the backdraft effect, roll the
>tongue and exhale through the nose slowly. I'm practicing right now with a
>DP Sidamo.
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