[Homeroast] Resting coffees after roast

Yakster yakster at gmail.com
Mon Mar 22 12:15:23 CDT 2010

This recalls a question that I've been wondering about myself, what happens
when you rest beans after the roast.  I've heard many opine that the only
thing that happens after the roast is staling of beans, and that for some
reason beans that have been staled from 1 to 4 days taste better then right
out of the roaster, but if you let your beans stale past 14 days, it's

This doesn't ring true for me, the roasts I've had that require rest
definitely get more balanced and integrated and can loose their grassy
flavors with rest, but it's the balance that interests me.  Since I've been
roasting almonds in the Behmor I've noticed the same thing, the roasted
flavors come together much better a day after the roast, even though there's
no real off tastes right after roasting, it just doesn't taste like they're
quite done yet... like the Maillard Reactions continue in some respect with

It's got me curious what's going on inside those seeds.


On Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 12:04 AM, <raymanowen at gmail.com> wrote:

> " Roasting to varying degrees of darkness adds another layer of
> complexity."
> [The Goats just got caffeine, and they expressed themselves well- "*Bah!*"]
> "Coffee is best 4 to 24 hours after roasting."
> This has merit, but I like to accompany the roast on its journey to
> maturity. Sounds like Smith quoted some Kenneth Davids scripture in this
> article from 2007. We just enjoyed a counter-example to the 'must-be-fresh'
> thinking.
>  Within the 4 - 24hr window after roasting the Bolivia FTO SHG Caranavi, I
> thought I was sitting in the rong pew. What? I thought I caught the 1-lb
> roast about right when I stopped it just one crack into 2nd. (The big red
> button on the blower motor contactor is for Ray's Thermodyne brake. I never
> found the one bean, but there was no number two!)
> After three days and six hours, the doubts are erased. The 4 to 24 hours is
> certainly not my window for coffee maturity, For the toy roasters, hitting
> the "Cool" button is about like calling 9-1-1 after you flick a cigarette
> in
> a fireworks factory, as I've seen in the posts.
> Cheers, Mabuhay -RayO, aka Opa!
> So many beans- so little time.
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