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that's a great question and I never thought about. Wine tasting is somewhat
the same.


maybe tom will chirp in with
the real swill...

On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 1:45 PM, Scott Thund <scutzhund at gamebox.net> wrote:

> Excerpt:
>   On a recent day, Owen had before him 35 samples to roast, grind,
>   brew, taste and rate. He won't actually drink 35 cups of coffee.
>   Rather, he ritualistically bends over each cup to inhale its aroma
>   before slurping a mouthful rapidly and noisily so the coffee sprays the
>   roof of his mouth and infuses his olfactory senses. He forcefully spits
>   it out, not swallowing because he doesn't like to be over-caffeinated.
>   "I can't believe how much coffee people drink," he says with a
>   straight face, surrounded by many miniature mountains of coffee.
>   "Honestly, when I see a big Starbucks cup, I can't believe it. I could
>   never drink that much coffee! But I'm really drinking coffee for
>   flavor."
> http://www.oaklandmagazine.com/media/Oakland-Magazine/October-2007/Do-It-Yourselfers/
> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
> I don't doubt a minute Tom's ability to discern all the nuances in coffees,
> judging by the accurate description he gives for all the coffees SM sells.
>  but for me, coffees (or any other foods) always taste differently when I
> don't swallow.  If I were to describe a coffee to the best of my ability by
> sniffing, slurping in my mouth then spit, it would be a different note than
> if I were to actually drink it.
> How about you folks? Does swallowing make a difference?
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