[Homeroast] to swallow or not to swallow

Joseph Robertson theotherjo at gmail.com
Sun Mar 21 18:44:58 CDT 2010

swallowing makes a difference. One of the reasons I drink coffee is because
I am addicted to caffeine. To rate and judge the character notes in coffee
one does not swallow. If I drink coffee because I would like to enjoy say a
cup of home brewed Kona I know what to expect. At the rate I pay for my Kona
or some of the coffees that Tom and Maria sell you can bet I'm not going to
spit. Most of the home roasters here would just as soon let Tom do the
spitting. That said if you want to taste all those notes and differences in
coffees your roasting you need to do the "Cupping thing" Once you get it
down, it does not take you long to figure out which coffee suits your taste
profile of the day.
The reason it is a different note when you drink it is most of the critical
taste buds, (receptors) are not even activated, thus the slurping thing to
coat those guys hiding in the back/front/and corners of the mouth. The
liquid doesn't spend enough time on or over them when you big gulp it down.
Most drink or food in general will offer more opportunity for the taste
experience if one were to chew longer and keep there food or drink in and
around the taste buds longer.
Walk slower, eat slower, live slower, smell the roses and enjoy some great
coffees along the way.
On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 1:45 PM, Scott Thund <scutzhund at gamebox.net> wrote:

> Excerpt:
>   On a recent day, Owen had before him 35 samples to roast, grind,
>   brew, taste and rate. He won't actually drink 35 cups of coffee.
>   Rather, he ritualistically bends over each cup to inhale its aroma
>   before slurping a mouthful rapidly and noisily so the coffee sprays the
>   roof of his mouth and infuses his olfactory senses. He forcefully spits
>   it out, not swallowing because he doesn't like to be over-caffeinated.
>   "I can't believe how much coffee people drink," he says with a
>   straight face, surrounded by many miniature mountains of coffee.
>   "Honestly, when I see a big Starbucks cup, I can't believe it. I could
>   never drink that much coffee! But I'm really drinking coffee for
>   flavor."
> http://www.oaklandmagazine.com/media/Oakland-Magazine/October-2007/Do-It-Yourselfers/
> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
> I don't doubt a minute Tom's ability to discern all the nuances in coffees,
> judging by the accurate description he gives for all the coffees SM sells.
>  but for me, coffees (or any other foods) always taste differently when I
> don't swallow.  If I were to describe a coffee to the best of my ability by
> sniffing, slurping in my mouth then spit, it would be a different note than
> if I were to actually drink it.
> How about you folks? Does swallowing make a difference?
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