[Homeroast] to swallow or not to swallow

Scott Thund scutzhund at gamebox.net
Fri Mar 19 15:45:22 CDT 2010


    On a recent day, Owen had before him 35 samples to roast, grind,
    brew, taste and rate. He won't actually drink 35 cups of coffee.
    Rather, he ritualistically bends over each cup to inhale its aroma
    before slurping a mouthful rapidly and noisily so the coffee sprays the
    roof of his mouth and infuses his olfactory senses. He forcefully spits
    it out, not swallowing because he doesn't like to be over-caffeinated.

    "I can't believe how much coffee people drink," he says with a
    straight face, surrounded by many miniature mountains of coffee.
    "Honestly, when I see a big Starbucks cup, I can't believe it. I could
    never drink that much coffee! But I'm really drinking coffee for


I don't doubt a minute Tom's ability to discern all the nuances in 
coffees, judging by the accurate description he gives for all the coffees 
SM sells.  but for me, coffees (or any other foods) always taste 
differently when I don't swallow.  If I were to describe a coffee to the 
best of my ability by sniffing, slurping in my mouth then spit, it would be 
a different note than if I were to actually drink it.

How about you folks? Does swallowing make a difference?

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