[Homeroast] I did it all rong....

Bob Hazen peatmonster at comcast.net
Sat Mar 20 10:16:57 CDT 2010

Thanks for the response.  I recall when I learned to use (abuse?) P2 to time 
the power drop.  I say "abuse" because I run 1/2 lb loads on 1 lb settings. 
This resulted in a significant stretch of the gap between 1st and 2nd.  My 
roasts improved considerably as I abandoned P1 and generally went to P2 and 
the associated gap stretch.  I have been concerned with baking the beans by 
failing to keep the temperature up as I hit 1st.  Of course, until the last 
roast I had no experience with baking beans, just tribal knowledge.  I will 
have to spend more time fooling with an earlier power drop.  It's sure 
tempting to buy a HotTop or Gene Cafe to gain better control of the 
temperatures.  It's a slippery slope; this Luge of Coffee Roasting.

BTW, I'm drinking Thursday's Sulawesi as I write.  It's just getting better 
with rest.


> I've been dropping the heat some time before 1st crack on my HotTop for a
> while as well.  At first,  I was going a bit too far, and baking my beans
> pretty severely (tasted like wood), so I avoided doing this for a long 
> time,
> and would drop heat at the first sign of 1st crack.  This was giving me
> about 2-3 minutes from 1st crack to end of roast, and some of my beans 
> were
> not roasting evenly, and my espressos were a bit harsh.  After I while, I
> managed to learn the sights, sounds and smells of the point about a minute
> before 1st comes, where I drop the heat,  which gives me about 4-5 minutes
> to end of roast (or shorter if I want to and turn the heat up again).
> Unfortunately, there is no good way to explain where this point is, and it
> takes some experience to find it.
> My roasts (especially for espresso) have improved dramatically once I
> started doing this..
> --mike

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