[Homeroast] Morning Cup

Yakster yakster at gmail.com
Fri Mar 19 15:24:17 CDT 2010

I pulled two shots of espresso on the way out the door this morning, almost
late taking the kids to school.  First shot was mix of Barefoot The Boss
with their Element blend drown in frothed soy as a cappuccino for the Wife
in a to-go cup and the second shot was Barefoot's Element blend in a
demitasse which I drank down and didn't have time to savor.  I may go back
to making Clever Coffee Dripper cups of coffee in the morning to stretch out
the coffee drinking experience and cut the prep time.

I've got to get up earlier or something to find more time to enjoy morning
coffee without the rush and the anxious teenager sitting in the car waiting
to go.

After dropping off the kids, I swung by Red Berry Coffee bar and had a
Ritual Sweet Tooth shot and a Ecco Reserve, but didn't have much time to sit
and chat as I had a conference call to get to.

I just had a cup of Panama made with an inverted AeroPress technique at
work, got a sheen of oil on top and the cup tasted pretty good.

I'm thinking of roasting up the Donkey blend this weekend for espresso, one
night this week I got pretty wired from an espresso session and found it
tough to get to sleep.  I've also got to roast some of the older greens and
keep working on the stash reduction program.  It seemed like I'd cut my
stash down by a half, but it was only that I'd switched to inventorying in
kilos instead of pounds in BehmorThing.

Sunday were thinking of going to Santa Cruz to enjoy the nice weather and
swing by Verve on the way back for their competition flights of espresso

So, how's everyone else's cup?


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