[Homeroast] I did it all rong....

Yakster yakster at gmail.com
Fri Mar 19 11:41:31 CDT 2010

When I was doing mostly P2 roasts on the Behmor (Temp Drop for second leg),
I liked to have the temp drop occur 30 seconds prior to first crack to slow
the momentum... more then that and I risked stalling the roast.  Lately I've
been using P3 and P4 profiles for espresso roasts which gradually step up
the power in increasing segments which makes for great espresso but you can
still have issues with first crack trying to rush into second crack or not
getting that much time between first and second.

I still need to do more comparative roasting, but I'm starting to worry less
about having roasts that are longer then what some would consider ideal for
a hypothetical roast profile on the Behmor because the results are tasting


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