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Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee sweetmarias at sweetmarias.com
Thu Mar 18 23:43:20 CDT 2010

Harar Horse is a marque from Mohamed Ogsadey in Dire Dawa. Last year, 
because of the new Ethiopia coffee exchange rules, they were 
basically shut down from direct exporting, so the "Horse" name did 
not exist. All lots had to go through the ECX, which anonymizes all 
lots. You could still buy Grade 4 or Grade 5 Harar, and ostensibly 
some of those would have been from Ogsadey, but I can tell yopu right 
now, the quality was very poor. The ECX was a major issue with buyins 
source-direct Harar coffee, but on top of that, it was not a great 
year for Harar. I don't think we missed anything. And you should 
really do yourself a favor and check out the other dry process 
lots... Maduro, etc. Incredible!

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