[Homeroast] I did it all rong....

Bob Hazen peatmonster at comcast.net
Thu Mar 18 23:18:22 CDT 2010

...but it came out just right.

Being one of the early adopters, I've been using my Behmor for a long time.  Typically I roast a half-pound load on P2 or P1.  The times I've roasted a full pound, it's been with P1 to keep the roast duration within "reasonable limits."  Last night I got the idea to roast a full pound of Sulawesi on P2.  Usually a 1/2 pound of this bean on 1lb P2 A comes out just right.  The power drop comes right at 1st crack.  So, I figured with a pound I should go as long as possible and I set the roaster to 1lb P2 C.  This is where my grand plan went astray.  The power drop should have occurred at about 13 min into the roast.  However, first crack didn't start until 14:21 and then very weakly.  Here come the baked beans, I thought.  I didn't hear much of 1st and never did declare the end of 1st.  So I let it go until 21:27 when it banged into 2nd with gusto.  I rapidly hit cool and opened the door.  2nd continued until 23:23 - another 2 minutes!  OK, French Roasted baked beans.  I figured I had blown this roast big time.

This morning I learned that I had one of the best roasts ever.  I'd guess it came to FC+, certainly not Vienna or French.  The body was thick, flavors complex and assertive.  And this was with only 8 hours rest.  Totally different than I expected.

The Famous RayO-ism applies here:  I was rong.


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