[Homeroast] Wednesday Morning Cup

Yakster yakster at gmail.com
Wed Mar 17 12:12:39 CDT 2010

This morning I treated myself to a rare treat of straight espresso shots on
a weekday before work.  I'd picked up Barefoot's "The Boss" and "Element"
blends this weekend at the lever espresso meet-up and wasn't able to dial in
the Boss at all while pulling there shoulder to shoulder with the other
lever-heads, in large part because I forgot my thermocouple wire for my PID
and my temperatures were all over the place.  I worked on this blend last
night with the PID and got a nice shot out of it with 14 grams pulled at 202
F (Kettle temp) adding elbow grease to the lever to increase the pressure of
the extraction.

This morning, instead of setting up the PID, I just plugged in the La
Peppina and worked a little bit more on timing the shot so that it was in
the right temperature range and got two very nice doubles of "The Boss."

The lever meet-up at Barefoot was great fun, I hope to be able to do
something like this again.


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