[Homeroast] Where is the Monsooned Malabar; AA

Rick Copple rick at copple.us
Tue Mar 16 22:35:39 CDT 2010

miKe mcKoffee wrote:

> While I may primarily gravitate to complex coffees and can be a bit of an
> acid head, bright coffees aren't for everyone! (Typed with the linger of a
> Sidamo Haile Salasse straight shot still hangin' round:-) 

Reminds me of why I loved the Java Prince as a single-origin. Something 
about that bass coffee I like. That's why I ordered recently the current 
Java offering, 5# of it, because it was like that. Not as deep as the 
Prince, but still pretty good that way.

But I know most people like to use the Prince for blends as a bass coffee.

I do like the bright coffees too. Still, the less acidic ones are like 
comfort coffee for me. Will be glad when I see the Prince return as well. :)

Rick Copple

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